Redesign Einstein-Online


Relativity and more

In cooperation with Dr. Markus Pössel, I was working on the redesign of the website To give it a uniform fresh new look, I redesigned nearly all graphics and animations, and also created the web design.

The website explains in a very understandable way every subject of Einstein’s Relativity Theory and the world of astronomy as well. From the elementary tours that are appropriate for newbies in physics, to the spotlight issues that go much more into detail – these are: Special and General Relativity Theory, Black Holes & Co., Cosmology and Relativity and the Quantum. Even the hardest topics are explained in such a good linguistic way that also interested laymen can follow. Einstein Online is a prime example for successful science communication on a very high level!


Infographic: Salt and the immune system


Illustration Hydrogen – Fraunhofer magazine

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